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Use of GPS

Use of GPS as support in the off-road tourist activity on Garmin MONTANA model and in the BASECAMP program.

The course is held by an instructor and is intended for a maximum of 10 participants.

Tools required: your MONTANA GPS (your laptop is recommended).
Useful information: It is very useful to have a personal laptop.

- 8:30 am meeting at 7 rue des Roseaux 68680 Kembs for coffee and briefing, equipment checks, etc.
- In the morning: theoretical course.

- 1:00 pm departure for the restaurant for a meal all together (at your expense).

- Afternoon: practice during which you will practice using the tool by following the tracks and predetermined routes.

- 5:00 p.m. / 5:30 p.m. Return to Kembs.

Participation fee for the course lasting 1 day: 75 euros / person.


Principles of operation of the GPS system.

The satellite system - signal reception - corrections.
Choice of instrument - choice of useful accessories - where and how to install the GPS - how to power the GPS.
Use of the main functions of the instrument.
Principles of using the GPS system

Track, waypoint, route concept - storage capacity for instrument setting - track recording setting - track backup.
Use of tracks to retrace routes - how to memorize points - creation and use of routes.
Principles of using the PC and computer programs

Topographic map - type of maps and compatibility for the use of GPS - position coordinates - Datum of the map.
How to report the position on the map - the importance of using the compass - how to orient the map.
How to connect the GPS to the PC.
File formats of different programs - how to send and receive them by email.
The BASE CAMP interface program - general information on basic functions - transfer of GPS data to PC and vice versa.
Interface with GOOGLE EARTH to create a track and use it on the instrument.

Follow a previously loaded track on your GPS.
Record a route you are following on your GPS.
Reach a defined WP.
Follow a route previously prepared and loaded on the GPS.

During the visits and trips planned during the year, participants who wish to do so can practice putting into practice what they have learned; indeed, traces and routes to be followed will be provided and simple exercises will be carried out.

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