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Driving on road or off-road

Duration of the course 1 -2 days.

The objective is to provide the knowledge necessary to practice off-road safely, not in a competitive spirit, but from the point of view of the adventurous and responsible tourist.
By learning the secrets of safe driving and by learning more about specific technical aspects, participants will be able to optimize their skills in order to fully exploit the potential of their vehicle.
The courses are structured according to the duration, which can be one or two days, depending on the level of the participants and the degree of depth desired.
The first part of the course deals with the fundamental technical concepts for safe driving and a corresponding vehicle setting.
In the second part of the course, the concepts learned on the routes presenting all the obstacles and difficulties typical of all terrain are put into practice.
Thanks to these courses, the participant will be able to face excursions and off-road trips, aware of his own capacities and limits.


Conditions of participation The courses are given by qualified instructors and take place according to the requirements of the regulations of the FFM.
According to the experience of the participants, the offer includes three types of courses:

- Basic, the aim of which is to ensure the learning of the skills necessary to drive safely in all off-road conditions;
- Evolution, during which they perfect the skills necessary to overcome more difficult passages and obstacles;
- Professional, course dedicated to those who wish to optimize their driving technique in relation to a specific context.

Course location: Meeting place at 7 Rue des Roseaux, 68680 Kembs

Course duration: one day

Participation fee: 85 euros

The participation fees include:

Driving instructor for the duration of the course.
Technical assistance to vehicles.
Excursion on off-road routes.

Duration of the course: two consecutive days.

Participation fee: 160 euros

The two-day participation fee includes:

Driving instructor for the duration of the course.
Technical assistance to vehicles.
Excursion on off-road routes.

General informations

It is important to show up with a minimum of adequate physical preparation to face the day of driving on dirt roads.

Specific studded tires such as TKC80 or equivalent.

Each member must have the necessary equipment to replace the inner tubes and repair the tubeless tires of their vehicle.

Adequate all-terrain clothing (boots, protections, etc.) is essential.

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