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Design and use of a RoadBook

Course duration 1 day.

The objective is to provide the knowledge necessary to prepare and read a Roadbook.

By understanding the principles of navigation and its technical aspects, participants will be able to orient themselves, define the important and concise elements to transcribe.

The courses are structured according to the level of the participants and the degree of depth desired.
The first part of the course deals with fundamental technical concepts.
In the second part of the course, the concepts learned in the first part are put into practice.

Course location: Meeting place at 7 Rue des Roseaux, 68680 Kembs

- 8:30 am appointment for coffee

- 9:00 am Theoretical notions

- 1:00 p.m.

- 2:00 p.m. Practice

- 5.00 p.m. / 5.30 p.m. End of the day

Participation fee: 80 euros

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